David Hudson

The Royal Sessions

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David Hudson - The Royal Sessions

Release Date: 16th August 2010

David Hudson has always been held in very high regard for the excellent southern soul releases which he recorded for the Alston and Waylo labels respectively.

It was during his time with Waylo that David was placed under the auspicious of producer Willie “Pops” Mitchell at his Royal Sound Studios In Memphis. Under Willie’s guidance, David recorded his excellent 1987 album “Nite And Day” of which 3 tracks would later gain a 45 release.

A further album project was planned but before it could be completed the Waylo label had decided to pull out of the Royal Sound Studios, thus leaving the project uncompleted.

A total of eight tracks (with a long and short version of one of the songs) had been laid down but were left to gather dust in the vaults. That is until now, so after over 20 years of anonymity you finally have before you David Hudson’s forgotten “Royal Sound Sessions”.

We have decided to release the album on the format that it was originally intended to have been released on at the time, good old fashioned vinyl. Enjoy!!

David Hudson - The Royal Sessions

David Hudson’s reputation as a highly respected exponent of the Southern Soul genre came from his excellent recordings for the Alston and Waylo Labels. A follow up to his “Nite And Day” Waylo album had been planned, but for what ever reason was never actually released. Again under the guidance of Willie Mitchell, David had laid down a total of eight tracks which sadly remained in the can gathering dust at The Royal Sound Studios. That is until now, finally, 20 odd years on from their initial conception you have before you David Hudson’s forgotten “Royal Sound Sessions”.

“A tribute to Willie Mitchell”

One can debate for ever what the true sound of Memphis really is. You can argue for and against the sounds created by W.C Handy, B.B King, Booker T and the MG’s, Otis Clay, Rufus & Carla Thomas, Isaac Hayes, The Barkays, The Temprees, The Rev Al Green or even Elvis and you would be right on all counts. The infinite list of recording artists and musicians that have come from, or passed through this great southern music Mecca have all contributed to its unparalleled musical legacy. But it would be a mistake of historical proportions to leave out the name of Willie “Pops” Mitchell who ran one of the most famous recording studios in the entire world, The Royal Recording studio on Lauderdale St. Willie had his hands on some of the most famous records of our time and shaped the sound of some of the most well known artists in the history of music.

Artists such as Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson and Al Green whose biggest records were on Hi Records under the production skills of Mr. Mitchell.

A Musician first and foremost Willie played Trumpet and is responsible for such soul classics, as “Soul Serenade” and “That Driving Beat” amongst many others. But even with all the records he made and played on and the fact that he co-owned Hi Records at one time. He is probably most well known as the man who gave us Al Green. Al who Willie persuaded to leave his native Michigan for Memphis and once there transformed him into one of the leading exponents of the Southern Soul sound. Willie continued to work even through serious illness. As he produced some of his last works on artists Rod Stewart and Solomon Burke with Ms Toni Green being the last artist he held out a guiding hand to before his untimely death. That same guiding hand that commanded, the attention and respect of everyone at the Royal Recording studio because after all he was Pops, the man behind The Hi Rhythm Section and their portion of the Memphis sound.

The most wonderfully enduring thing about missing a recording artist is that to remember them, all you have to do is too push play.

Thanks Pops Elliott Harris
Freelance writer, music historian and former radio personality in the U.S.A

David Hudson - The Royal Sessions

David Hudson @ Poretta, Italy