J.B. Bingham

Side A - Fellas, Don’t Let The Girls Take Over

Side B - All Alone By The Telephone

Catalogue # SJ532

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J.B. Bingham - Fellas, Don’t Let The Girls Take Over

Release Date: Monday September 28th 2015

In 1976 James B. Bingham, the former lead singer of the group Five Flight’s Up, recorded 7 songs under the auspices of H.B. Barnum and Steve Binder. Binder then offered the fruits of this session to the United Artists label. Out of the 7 songs presented to them the powers that be only chose to pick up 4 songs which they released on two 45 singles “All Alone By The Telephone/Live And You Learn” (UA- XW1059)and “She’s Gone/Keep On Walking” (UA-XW872-Y)which subsequently left three tracks sitting unused in the can. A situation later rectified when in 2013 we at Soul Junction contacted firstly J.B. Bingham and then H.B. Barnum which lead to the release of two of the U.A rejects “People On A Ego Trip/She’s On Strike” on a popular and now long deleted 45 single.

Therefore we had one track left at our disposal “Fellas, Don’t Let The Girls Take Over”

J.B’s upbeat and light hearted warning song to the men of the world to shape and not be swept aside by the growing women’s liberation movement!

That left us with the dilemma of what to use for a b-side, this situation thus being solved by the inclusion of J.B’s timeless modern soul anthem “All Alone By The Telephone” as the flipside.

J.B. Bingham - All Alone By The Telephone

J.B. Bingham