Elliot Macauley

Side A - All My Life (Ft Joe Leavy)

Side B - Mamas Baby Boy (Ft Cleveland Jones)

Catalogue # SJ529

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Elliot Macauley (Featuring Joe Leavy) - All My Life

Release Date: August 18th 2014

Elliot Macauley is yet another independent musician and recording artist to emerge from the musical legacy of the UK City of Manchester. With George Benson’s “Breezing” playing in the background of his parent’s home in the late 1970’s Elliot picked up his first bass guitar and began strumming along to the soul and jazz sounds that surrounded him. At the age of 18, Elliot moved to London to persue his musical career playing in various soul, funk and jazz bands. Although honing his skills playing live music there was little or no opportunity for him to record or produce his own material due to the expenses involved at the time, a situation later resolved with the dawn of the digital era. But in the interim, Elliot whilst working at London’s Jazz Caf’e was offered the chance to travel to Japan as a session musician in a jazz quartet. Through playing bookings in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo Elliot laid the foundations of the fan base he now enjoys in the Far East.

Later taking up residence in Barcelona, Spain he became a familiar sight playing acoustic guitar on the beach with the local gypsies, all the time gaining further valuable techniques and experience. Upon his return to the UK in early 2000, Elliot set about the task of building his own recording studio.

Whilst still playing acoustic and bass guitar at intimate venues, he was able to fulfill his true potential and ambition to compose, arrange and produce his own material.

Through his work on Winston Warrior’s “Keep Moving” release which features Elliot on bass guitar and subsequent projects with Maggie Smile, Sian Evans and Kurt Austin (where Elliot assumes the roles of composer, writer and producer) his growing reputation brought him to the attention of American recording artist Cleveland Jones. Both Elliot’s and Cleveland’s mutual admiration of each other’s work eventually saw them collaborate on the sublime track “Mamas Baby Boy” which featured on Elliot’s debut EP entitled “Retro” in 2013.

Elliot’s next collaboration again sees him team up with another American vocalist and song writer, Joe Leavy. Joe a native of San Diego, California had in his earlier career honed his performing skills touring the club circuit in Japan and throughout the rest of the Far East. But following on from a nine year hiatus from the music business Joe made a welcome return with his debut cd album project “A Guy Named Joe Leavy” in 2013. Together, Elliot and Joe with fellow songwriter Andrew Mayo came up trumps with the wonderfully uplifting dance track “All My Life” which we at Soul Junction, have leased and placed back to back with the aforementioned “Mamas Baby Boy” for Elliot Macauley’s debut vinyl release. Although the majority of Soul Junction’s previous releases are licensed directly American based artists, upon hearing about Elliot Macauley’s growing reputation as a producer we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for a UK based Soul Label to support some home grown talent.

Currently Elliot is working on a new project with a further American artist Marwan Akil recording the smooth midtempo outing “Future” which also features Dave Lee Andrews.

Elliot Macauley



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