Side A - Things Are Changing

Side B - Just To Be With You

Catalogue # SJ527

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Elbowed-Out - Things Are Changing

Release Date: April 14th 2014

Elbowed-Out return with their follow up release to their previously highly successful Soul Junction outing “Taking A Step/Girl You Got Magic SJ523 which gain a released in July of 2013.

The group’s mission in life was” to get you up and out of your seat, and then begin to move your feet”. As with both sides of Elbowed-Out’s previous outing if the favorable response was anything to go by I think you’ll agree they achieved just that. So we’ve continued with the winning formula again on the A-side of this release yet another little up tempo mover from the boys from Seattle entitled “Things Are Changing” this time featuring Denis Wilcox as the lead vocalist. While the B-side is a more subtle mid tempo offering entitled “Just To Be With You” which once again featuring Sam Chambliss on Lead.

Yet again, another two previously unissued 70’s soul sides for your delight.

Please check out the more in depth resume’ of Elbowed-Out via their SJ523 release on the Soul Junction website.

Elbowed-Out - Things Are Changing

Group members, left to right:

Gaylord Young, Manuel Stanton, Denis Wilcox, Ray Baldwin, Clarence Acox, Sam Chambliss and Jabril Rashid.