Sounds Of Imani

Side A - Must Be An Angel

Side B - It’s Alright

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Sounds Of Imani - Must Be An Angel / It’s Alright

Release Date: Monday February 4th 2013

The Sounds Of Imani(with Imani being the Swahili word for faith) was created in 1996 by the versatile husband and wife team of Gerald and Carol Ervin. Carol a keyboard player, vocalist and songwriter in her own right, her background has always been within the gospel genre. She was a choir directress with several Church ensembles before forming in 1995 the Gospel/Jazz group, The Sounds Of J.U.T.O.C.A, with two of her co-workers from the Detroit East Community Mental Health Service: Thomas Lawrence and Julia Shabazz; they were later joined by Selena Rowe.

While Gerry a cousin to James Mitchell of the Detroit Emeralds and Paul Mitchell of The Floaters began his career in the field of secular music. Gerald honed his vocal skills singing backing vocals with The Detroit Emeralds, Chapter 8 (pre Anita Baker) and The Floaters. He also featured in the group line up of The Flaming Emeralds with cousin Kenny Goodman, Al Martin, Glynis Martin, Rory Johnson and Chris Knight on their perennial 1977 Northern/Modern Soul classic “Have Some Everybody” (Fee 361). Gerry also featured in the group line up of The Detroit Emeralds when they last toured the UK. The legacy of The Flaming Emeralds continues today with Gerry’s cousin Kenny Goodman who is also currently acting as the musical director for Sounds Of Imani.

The Sounds Of Imani are regular performers throughout the Detroit metropolis helping to raise funds for many Community organisations and ministering to various shelter residents such as the Salvation Army and the Detroit Rescue Mission to name a few. They have also appeared at several gospel events throughout California, Milwaukee and Illinois.

They recorded their debut cd album entitled “Revelation” in 2002, but it is two of their brand new songs from the “New Project” that we at Soul Junction have licensed for our next 45 release. The contemporary mid tempo gospel outing “Must Be An Angel” backed with the more upbeat dance track “It’s Alright” for your delight.

Sounds Of Imani

Sounds Of Imani