Fairplay - Don’t Let Our Love Go

Side A - Don’t Let Our Love Go (Vocal)
Side B - Don’t Let Our Love Go (Instrumental)

Catalogue # SJ517

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Fairplay - Don’t Let Our Love Go

Release Date: Monday September 17th 2012

Fairplay are a group of veteran performers originally out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. The group’s original members were David Bursey, Sam Pace and the late Reverend Eddie L. Quinn. Although a later reincarnation did see the group grow to a total five members.

Fairplay all learnt their trade during the 1960’s and 70’s while featuring in the line ups of several different Midwest harmony groups, such as the Candi-Bars, Four Souls and most notable in David’s and Sam’s case through their life, long affiliation with the Moorer family being one time members of the Esquires of “My Sweet Baby” fame.

Through leaner times musically they all continued their friendship and continued to perform under the group names of both Ice and Fairplay. With David Bursey also pursuing a solo career under the pseudonym of Noah (a childhood nickname given to him by his mother) during which time he recording the popular 1988 modern soul outing “Got To Get Away”.

During early 1990’s the above members of Fairplay recorded several tracks for a proposed cd album project, which due to lack of finance etc never really materialised. So it is from these sessions that we have taken the funky uplifting modern soul dancer “Don’t Let Our Love Go” for our next 45 release. The release also features an edited instrumental version on the flipside.

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