Natural Impulse

Side A - We're Gonna Make It Through
Side B - Make It Or Break It (Radio Edit)

Catalogue # SJ510

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Natural Impulse - We're Gonna Make It Through

Release Date: Monday December 13th 2010

After a two year absence from our previous release from Natural Impulse “She Went Away” we eventually return with two previously unissued tracks by them.

The A-side is a great uptempo 70’s dancer “We’re Gonna Make It Through” that’s sure to get everyone’s toes tapping! While the b-side features the more funk orientated “Make It Or Break It” which is an edited version of the original six minute long studio take.

The story behind the discovery of these two tracks is what really makes what we do so worthwhile.

Jesus (Jess) Gonzales the bass guitarist with Natural Impulse while sorting out some items to donate to a local charity came across an old cassette player. Luckily for us all he had the piece of mind to open it up. Upon doing so he discovered that it still contained a cassette and thus played it. To his delight he found three forgotten unissued tracks that had been laid down during the 70’s only to have lain gathering dust for the last 32 years. Jess contacted Rick Ramos who forwarded a soundbite of each of the tracks to us at Soul Junction wanting to know if they were of any use to us, “damn! right they are” was the reply.

So all that’s left to say is “Welcome back Natural Impulse, you really have made it through!!”

Natural Impulse - We're Gonna Make It Through