Natural Impulse

Side A - She Went Away
Side B - Time Is Right

Catalogue # SJ502

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Jesse James - I Feel Your Love Changing

Release Date: December 29th 2008

The second 45 release from the Soul Junction label will feature one of the UK modern soul scene’s most revered and sought after anthems.

“She Went Away” should need very little introduction. While the excellent funk flip side “Time Is Right” will hopefully find a new audience with devotees of this genre.

When four young guys’s entered a run down studio to record little more than a vanity record with a limited press of 300, little did they expect that 30 years later a UK based company would approach them with a licensing deal. To fulfil the demand for this record with their fans from Europe. Just imagine their surprise and excitement.

The Natural Impulse are a group of highly accomplished musicians who are still performing to this day, the Soul Junction label hope to showcase their talents on a forth coming album.