Mighty Lovers

Side A - Ain’t Gonna Run No More

Side B - She Keeps)Driving Me Out Of My Mind

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Mighty Lovers - Ain’t Gonna Run No More

Release Date: June 1st 2015

The Mighty Lovers current highly in demand Soul Hawk release “Ain’t Gonna Run No More” once regarded as little more than a Detroit, collectors label filler has is finally receiving the recognition that it rightly deserves. It’s funkier, quirky dance groove has seen grow in popularity with the aficionados of the rare funk and soul scene throughout Europe. The record begins with a subtle piano introduction provided by the songs producer/co-writer Richard ‘Popcorn’ Wylie, which is complimented by Ron Jackson’s haunting horn solo. Is then followed by the group’s members each joining in to recite a line of the spoken intro. Firstly William Howard “Uh Oh Here Comes Fred” followed by Lonnie Turner “Yeah What You Gonna Do Lloyd?” and finally Lloyd Ray Robinson provides the songs hook line “I Ain’t Gonna Run No More” before the rest of the session musicians kicks in. The musicians present including guitarist Buford ‘Fabb’ Glanton and Leroy Emanuel who featured on several other Popcorn’s Soul Hawk sessions. “Ain’t Gonna Run No More” was recorded at the Curtom studios in Chicago, the session appeared to be going well until Popcorn came to record the flipside and found although he had the backing track he didn’t have any lyric’s! He hurriedly made a phone call to his partner Tony Hester back in Detroit for help. Hester didn’t disappoint, and quickly composed and recited the lyrics to “(She Keeps) Driving Me Out Of My Mind” back down the phone!

“Ain’t Gonna Run No More” did go onto make some noise for the Mighty lovers in both in their native Detroit as well as in Cleveland, Ohio. Where the songs popularity helped secured them their one and only TV appearance filmed in Cleveland during 1968 on The Ken Hawkins Show where they opening the show for a local outfit called The O’Jays !

The Mighty Lovers began their performing career during 1966 as a four piece harmony group under the name of ‘The Four Deuces’. Their initial lineup featured Lonnie Turner Jr, William Howard, John Wesley Lucas and Lloyd Rowan. As well liked as they were no record companies came knocking on their door although ‘Popcorn’ Wylie did later offer them the use of his basement studio for their rehearsals. It was at this juncture that Lloyd Rowan left the group to be replaced by Lloyd Ray Robinson. Their big break finally arrived in late 1967 when Popcorn offered them the chance to record a song he and Tony Hester had just composed entitled “The Mighty Lover” with the proviso that they adopted the new group name of ‘The Mighty Lovers’.

So in 1968 The Mighty Lovers “Mighty Lover” gained a release on Sammy Kaplan’s Boo-Ga-Loo label with the now all too familiar base intro being performed by John Wesley Lucas. Although a second Bo-Ga-Loo release of “The Mighty Lover” credited as the Chicago group The Ideals (the St. Lawrence and Satellite labels version of the group) it is reputedly believed that the Mighty Lovers vocals are featured on both releases?

Their next and final release as the Mighty Lovers was the aforementioned “Ain’t Gonna Run No More” which was released on Popcorn’s own Soulhawk label (1007) but this time they recorded as a vocal trio with John Wesley Lucas by then having left the group. The Mighty Lovers vocals can also be heard although as un-credited backing vocalists on Jimmy (Soul) Clark’s Soulhawk outings “(Come On And Be My) Sweet Darling”, “I’ll Be Your Champion (I’ll Be Your Winner”) and again under Popcorn’s direction on Jimmy’s ”If I Only Knew Then (What I Know Now)” gaining a release on both Ollie Mclaughlin’s Karen (1539) and Moira (101) labels. The Mighty Lovers also provided some splendid rhythmic hand clapping throughout the song. As the Soul Chapter of The Mighty Lovers closed William Howard decided to leave the group.

As the 1970’s dawn Lonnie Turner and Lloyd Ray Robinson looked to form a new group. They first added Norman Dixon to their Lineup followed by James Nelson and began performing under the stage name of ‘Stone Image’. Through a mutual Friend Roger (Keith) Bass they were introduced to Johnny Powers who then signed them to his Power House Production company. Johnny suggested a change of name so the ‘Stone Image’ after much deliberation became ‘Innervision’. They recorded their first single the Keith Bass penned ‘The Night The Light’s Go Out/There’s A Fungus Among Us” which appeared on Johnny Powers, Power House Label (PH 1011) in 1974.

The following years saw Innervision recorded their most successful single, “Honey Baby (Be Mine)/We’re Innervision” which gained a release on the New York based Private Stock label (PSR 45.015) the songs popularity would also it release gained a UK release. Norman Dixon was to leave the group at this juncture with Innervision recording their final release in 1977, “Gotta Find A Way To Get Back Home/I Just Want To Love You” released on Ariola (7657). The Following year Lonnie Turner left the group with the other members carrying on briefly before they too disbanded.

Words By: David Welding.

Mighty Lovers - (She Keeps)Driving Me Out Of My Mind